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Clean Harbors Offers Transformer Services - Comprehensive Management, Removal, Disposal and Emergency Response Services

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Norwell, MA – June 16, 2009 – Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. (“Clean Harbors”), the leading provider of environmental and hazardous waste management services throughout North America, is offering comprehensive services for managing transformers and oil filled electrical equipment.

As a single-source provider of transformer services across North America, Clean Harbors’ Transformer Services group fully manages entire electrical equipment lifecycles for utility, refinery, steel production and other large manufacturing customers.

“Clean Harbors Transformer Services helps customers eliminate liability, reduce costs and maintain a competitive edge,” said Clean Harbors Director, Transformer Services, Daniel J. Halling. “They are backed by Clean Harbors' full resources, ensuring the highest environmental standards and business practices throughout the electrical equipment’s lifecycle. Our investment recovery program takes it one step further by delivering the greatest end-of-life recycle, reuse or scrap value of the assets to our customers.”

Comprehensive Transformer Services

Clean Harbors is certified to handle Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and TSCA/RCRA materials. Using Clean Harbors, customers can reduce their non-hazardous and hazardous transformer material liabilities.

Transformer Services includes on-site services, power and substation services, specialized transportation and emergency response, as well as recycling, recovery and disposal.

The on-site service includes transformer sampling, retrofitting and retrofilling, recycling, reclaiming and disposing of waste oils, Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and other hazardous and non-hazardous components, such as bushings, capacitors, etc. Clean Harbors fully manages transformer and oil filled electrical equipment assets using a Web-based bar code tracking inventory management system that keeps track of transformer specifications, locations and other data, as well as service records.

Clean Harbors also provides comprehensive project management and power and substation services including retrofilling and oil reclamation, remediation services, dismantling and removal.

Clean Harbors uses tankers for oils and fluids, and custom-designed trucks to transport used electrical equipment. Each vehicle has complete secondary containment specifically for transformer transportation.

Transformer Services provides PCB sampling and analysis before disposal, and decontaminates PCB components and equipment for recycling or reuse. The company has six recycling facilities in the U.S. that dismantle, recycle, reclaim and dispose of transformers and oil filled electrical equipment of all types and sizes. It also has in-house PCB incineration facilities.

Clean Harbors’ end-of-life services are unmatched in the industry. Its recycling, disposal and investment recovery programs are designed to protect the environment while providing customers with revenue from their scrap electrical equipment. Clean Harbors manages the entire disposal process providing sampling, analysis, tracking and Certificates of Destruction.

The Transformer Services group also provides emergency response services using Clean Harbors’ comprehensive emergency response capabilities to support utilities and other industries in the event of natural disasters, transformer failures, and oil and fluid spills.

For further information about Clean Harbors Transformer Services, visit transformer services.

About Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.

Clean Harbors is North America's leading provider of environmental and hazardous waste management services. With an unmatched infrastructure of waste management facilities, Clean Harbors serves over 47,000 customers, including more than 325 Fortune 500 companies, thousands of smaller private entities and numerous federal, state and local governmental agencies. Clean Harbors’ Technical Services provides a broad range of hazardous material management and disposal services including hazardous and non-hazardous waste recycling, treatment and disposal, CleanPack® laboratory chemical packing, and household hazardous waste management services. Clean Harbors’ Site Services provides field services, industrial services, vacuum services, emergency response and disaster recovery, transformer services, tank cleaning and decontamination.

Headquartered in Norwell, Massachusetts, Clean Harbors has more than 100 locations strategically positioned throughout North America in 36 U.S. states, six Canadian provinces, Mexico and Puerto Rico. For more information, visit


David N. Proud
Vice President, Marketing
Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.

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